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    • I recently got my first iPad, what I found when I set it up there was a way to just send over apps and info from my phone so very little had to be done.

      So both units are almost a mirror copy or each other which makes them easy to use and go back and forth.

      One app that I use on both that I find exceptional is PhotoPills, a photography app thats great for everything astro, especially when combining it with a star gazing app, its a paid app but worth the price.

      Another is Panora|Split a great app for Instagram if you take landscape more than portrait, the app allows you to split an image into numerous images and when the follower looks at it, the image has a seamless split

      @Munch I have ProCamera on there

      So what am I missing in my iPad experience, can you tell me any apps that are a much better or unique experience on the iPad than on the iPhone?

    • Kindle, much prefer to read on my iPad than on my iPhone

      Gas Buddy. helps you find gas prices along your route and save you a bit of pocket change along the way. If you drive a truck, instead of a motorcycle, you will save even more 🙂

      AccuWeather, bigger screen is handier for the radar screen views

      I don't see Google Maps on your iPad either.... It is nice to be able to have Google Maps open while in Safari when travelling at times too.

      And connect your iPad to your phone as a hot spot - I no longer own a cellular capable iPad, so I have no cellular bill for my iPad anymore.

    • One of my Twitter followers just asked me to give feedback on their new math app. I am sans iPad to do a proper evaluation, but the video of a five year old playing this learning app looks intriguing.

    • I have, google maps and maps. Also Gaia GPS, but still haven't figured out a way to read my Garmin Montana on the iPad. I have the Apple dongle but can't make the Montana show up anywhere?

      I purposely didn't get the iPad with cellular service as I figured you must be able to do what you said and hotspot yourself

    • So I downloaded this and initially found the lack of instruction annoying but then again it's not meant for adults, so I handed it over to the 10 year old, who did not need instructions and loves this so far. Even commented when you have to split the numbers you have to think!!

      So far so good!

      I will review further in a week and see what is going on -- but after 24 hours I would say a success!

    • Hi, I'm one of the people who worked on this, and I was pointed to your message by a friend on Twitter. We're really glad to hear that your 10-year-old is enjoying the game - we'd love to talk some more about the kind of instructions you would find helpful as a parent. And of course, a positive review on the App Store is always welcome!

    • Hi there,

      Sorry it has taken me time to get back to you. I guess I wasn't sure if to get to the number I was meant to add or multiply. But as I said that was my issue -- I was thinking too much! The split factor is fun - we both like that. I would suggest a few more rewards -- getting those diamonds are a big deal to younger kids -- a source of pride.

    • Thanks, that's very useful feedback. In the latest version we've added some extra instructions to help in those early stages. And we've just been talking about adding more diamond rewards, so it's good to know we're right to be thinking on those lines.

    • Yep to rewards -- I just passed this app on to a friend who works a lot with kids who might need that extra help for all sorts of reasons. She is going to check it out and see how some of them do with it.