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    • Here’s the latest word from Vilen


      Hey guys, thank you for alerting us of this problem! 

      @kevin spent all day yesterday trying to get to the cause. The latest, it seems, is that our provider Stream, which handles notifications and feed updates, has been experiencing timeout issues. When this happens, all kinds of problems start to creep up on Cake. It doesn't help that it is a holiday season and it is hard to get to some of the experts until after Christmas. In the meantime, Kevin is doing all he can to keep the site error free.

      Please keep us posted about any strange things you are experiencing. It is super helpful!

      Will keep you updated as soon as I know more. (Source)

    • The FOR YOU timeline is not showing new content. Suggest switching to the ALL timeline and using the “active” or “new” filter.


    • I received four "new reply" email notifications but only had one new reply. Now I'm feeling sad. I live for these notices!

      I think like you and @lidja and others, the email notifications are my daily “happy crack”. They let me know that there’s new content to learn from, to be entertained by, or to be awed.

    • I wonder if this has to do with the recommendations of re-working the Cake filtering. The updates could be interfering with notifications?? I am sure they appreciate the feedback though. How else could they know what to fix!!!!