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    • As I read about the 7 Black's hypersmooth option, the gimbal-killer, I added it to my shopping cart. I'm pretty tired of gimbals. However, I have a DJI Osmo and I tolerate it because I run, ski, bike, etc., while filming.

      But then I watched Casey Neistat's review and looked at the footage. Wait, this kills a gimbal?

      Is it just me or did the hypersmooth footage look pixelated?

    • I think it looks pixelated because of the high compression stream YouTube is serving us. Wish I had an MP4 version of the video to play in Quicktime to compare. I think technologies like Hypermooth are the future because gimbals are bulky and have complicated mechanics.

    • I’m getting a little bit discouraged. It has the same lens and chip as the GoPro 6, so it's hard to tell any difference between them except for the in-camera stabilization that works in real-time at the lower frame rates. But you can just use ReelSteady software later to apparently get the same thing.

      The video quality GoPro shows in their demos but no one has been able to get footage that good. No one seems to know how they’re doing it.

    • The GoPro 7 Black does not appear to compensate for horizontal rotation, so you may still wish to use a 3-axis active gimbal for that (as needed). The combination of gimbal and GoPro 7 Black could be unbeatable if properly tuned.

    • This was an interesting comment from YouTube:

      I feel like those hyperlapses had to have been shot using a gimbal. If not... shut up and take my money

      Here's the GoPro promotional footage. No one but GoPro has been able to shoot anything like this:

    • More than likely GoPro is cherry-picking the best situations for their systems, plus the best setup for each situation, plus the best post-processing for each which might include grading, sharpening and stabilization.

      GoPro may also be using weighted selphy stick heads and other aids for their promotional stuff, but the independent bloggers are still impressed:

      "GoPro Hero 7 Review - CRAZIEST STABILIZATION EVER!"
      Matti Haapoja
      Published on Oct 1, 2018

    • Here's the GoPro promotional footage. No one but GoPro has been able to shoot anything like this:

      Following up on this, I found a couple of videos which do seem to provide a usable workflow for most action cameras which provide a reasonably "flat" video acquisition setting. Granted, it does take some post-processing along with proper white-balance during acquisition, because most action cameras don't have sophisticated AWB like a high-end dSLR has, nor do they acquire in a video RAW format.

      Please do let me know if these are helpful:

      Your GoPro Footage Sucks? // LET'S FIX IT

      How To Make GoPro Footage Look Incredible // Part 2/2

    • Those were incredible, Ziggy. I didn't know about him or his channel. Really great stuff on perspective, deadening wind noise, etc.

      I don't know why those links of yours didn't expand so we could watch the videos in place. There's a non-intuitive aspect to Cake that becomes intuitive once you do it the first time. When you paste in a link, click Enter and wait a few seconds:

      We do it that way so you can get a preview of the link expansion, and also so you can place them wherever in your post.

    • might be worth it's own post?

      Anyway action cams with 360 feature.

      Anyone using or recommend any one over another. Saw the Rylo and was pretty taken, by the simplistic approach and ease of editing, I don't want to spent hours in editing after and this look like a pretty cool way to do bike/skate and scootering video's.

      Hey @Chris it has a runner reviewing it, means you have to buy it! :-)

    • Oh now you've done it. My wife will figure out you put me up to this...$500!

      But of course I have to have it! It's for the children. I'm constantly turning the camera one way or another and missing some part of the scene while running with the kids in Great America to a roller coaster or whatever.

      I told Toni I didn't want a 360 camera because I don't want to make people have to do the work an editor should do, but @Scobleizer set me straight yesterday and now I get it. 👆 That video helped.

    • The amazing video and smiles it will bring is worth double the cost....right? 😉

      The only downside I saw was no wifi, has to be tethered to iphone or ipad/andriod to get the video. The files sizes can be on the big side so have to make sure you have some room, or better yet buy a ipad pro for proper post editing 👍🏻