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    • About a year ago Kevin opened a thread suggesting the Ford F-150 as being the best Overlanding vehicle

      Other favored vehicles for overlanding, out back travel, include Jeep Saharas and Toyota 4Runner Trail editions. I happen to drive both an F-150 FX4 - Ford's F-150 spec'd for 4x4 off road use, and a 2015 4Runner Trail. I posted in that earlier linked thread my very positive feelings about my truck with the 3.5 L V-6 EcoBoost engine. It stomped my 2010 Tundra with a small block V-8 I had previously.

      My previous offroad vehicles have been a 2010 FJ Cruiser Trail Edition and several years ago an International Harvester Scout II. I have an active interest in trail worthy vehicles, so I was curious about Ford's new upcoming introduction of their Bronco 2, which is based on their new mid-size truck platform for the yet to be released Ranger. I had limited expectations as most new SUV's have been designed for driving in light snow to the mall parking lot, some Range Rovers and Discovery being the exception to that statement.

      Wow, I should have known better after Ford's ads for their mid-size trucks version of the Raptor - but I didn't expect three totally new vehicles designed to steal the market from Jeep, Toyota and Land Rover but I think that's not an exageration. This video with Jimmy Chin is a good introduction

      This is Ford's introduction video and I have to say it is quite well done - I don't know who Ford hired to do this, but they have obviously been listening very closely to the Overland/4 WD crowds desires and have really hit many many of their buttons. The larger V6 EcoBoost engine sounds like it will ROCK. I love my 2010 4Runner off road, but on asphalt, it is not a fast car, while my F-150 is much faster. And the Bronco looks like it will even faster, too!

      I don't want to sound like a Ford fanboy, I have had three Toyotas in my barn for over a decade, but the Bronco really does look very interesting. 35" tires on a drive away new vehicle - Wahoo!!

      Read the comments on the video links - they are very enthusiastic

      Removable doors, mirrors on the front fender, over 33 inch wading depths, front fender hooks for tie downs and wires to shield the windshield from tree limbs, 310 HP and 400 ft lbs of torque, 7 speed manual or 10 speed auto trans, 3500 lbs towing capacity, and almost every panel is removeable and replaceable. The after market folks are going to go nuts for this vehicle, and Ford already offers over 200 items.

      So who's gonna jump in and sign up for a new Bronco? I am definitely considering it. It looks like great fun!

      I will look forward to Toyota's response with the 4Runner too. I really wish I could buy an EcoBoost engine and transmission in a 4Runner. 35 inch driveaway tires would be cool, too!

    • What?!!! The idea of a Ford Bronco never crossed my mind until this post. Talk about bold. I'm so tired of same olde same olde; all vehicles look the same, like plastic, not really meant for adventure. This thing is amazing.

      Some of the YouTube comments were like best vehicle of any kind of the year.

      And then Jimmy Chin. I love how understated he was in the narration. No melodrama. This is the dude who skied off Everest and won an Oscar for a climbing film. I had to watch that twice.

      I sample various YouTube first looks and landed on this as my fav:

    • As much as I like the looks and options available for the new Bronco I would never buy the first year model of any vehicle. Too many manufacturers like using the customer to finish off their R&D testing for them. Cheaper to pay warranty claims then spend more money on testing.
      I was also the owner of a 2013 F-150 Eco-Boost. While I loved the truck it was just too big and wide for any serious offroad exploring etc. Now on our 3rd Jeep and having lots of fun with it.

    • I generally feel the same about first model year vehicles - I want to see the bugs worked out first, but this is a pretty cool looking ride, just the same.

      I use my F-150 for towing and interstate travelling mostly - for double track I use my 4Runner. I'm not a rock crawler, but a back country traveler so the 4Runner meets my needs just fine. A 4 door Bronco would too, though.

      Maybe the Bronco will convince Toyota to do a serious update to the 4Runner. Bigger engine, better transmission, bigger tires.

    • it will be interesting if Toyota follow through with the FT-4X as I'm sure there will be side by side comparisons made with the Bronco and again like you said the aftermarket will have a field day with both