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    • The guy was a software engineer at Apple and he thought setting his car to auto-pilot was a good idea so that he could play video games.

      According to investigators, Apple software engineer Walter Huang was playing a video game on his smartphone at the time of his fatal crash on Hwy 101 in Mountain View, California, in 2018.

      Systems like Autopilot cannot drive themselves, yet drivers continue to use them without paying attention.

      “This means that when driving in the supposed ‘self-driving’ mode, you can’t read a book, you can’t watch a movie or TV show, you can’t text and you can’t play video games,” he said.

      Can someone explain the purpose of auto-pilot if you’re supposed to keep your eyes on the road? I don’t get it.

      Shoutout to @yaypie

    • Not mentioned in the post is that he reported (to whom, I forgot) that his car had veered toward the divider in exactly the same spot one week prior.

      Consider also that the Black Box in the Tesla does not keep the autopilot telemetry and Tesla does not share any of what they do collect (other than presumably, with the NTSB- and likely only for the individual event.)

    • he reported (to whom, I forgot) that his car had veered toward the divider in exactly the same spot one week prior.

      It’s amazing how we become accustomed to the imperfections of our technology over time. If that had happened during his test drive he would’ve never used it again; but because it was after months of successful auto-piloting, he assumed the off-course near-miss was an outlier.

      I’m also guessing that this wasn’t the first time he played video games while on auto-pilot. So logically, nothing bad could happen ever. I’m all for the collision avoidance system that takes over if you were distracted by something you dropped—the risk of almost certain death outweighs the risk of a misread by the system.

      But I agree with the NTSB that without better safeguards there’s not a legitimate reason to continue to allow auto-pilot to exist.

    • I would say that should qualify for a Darwin Award, shouldn't it?

      I, wholly, agree that any preventable death is very sad indeed; but most are avoidable with some thought, some are frequently preventable, and some are, sadly, apparently award winning, aren't they?

      I know that some parents view extended video gaming as suicidal, but the term is usually used metaphorically........not literally.

      But gaming in a vehicle at highway speed, with no driver, apparently, really is lethal. So very disheartening.

    • The instructions for using AutoPilot say something like "the driver should keep their hands on the wheel and be ready to take over at any moment". Thing is, human brains don't work that way. You're either in control, or you're not.

      When full self-driving is rolled out and proven, and I can sit in the back and just tell my car where to go, and the car manufacturer is liable for what happens- I'll use that. Probably after I'm so old they've pried my driver's license from my stiff, trembling, hands. Say another 20-30 years.