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    • My Beeline Moto arrived today, almost exactly a week or the promised 5 (to 7) working days since I ordered it. Tracking indicated that included 3 days sitting in Brisbane waiting for customs clearance. The box had been opened too.

      Also in the bag was the accessory metal handlebar mount I ordered at the same time. Installation was pretty easy although it needed a combination of 3 rubber inserts to get a snug fit on the handlebars on my Triumph.

      There are also 1” and 1-1/8” rubbers included - as well as neoprene band and stick on mounts that come standard with the unit.

      Pairing with the app was easy.

      Putting it in the charger for the first time needed a little bit more force than I expected it to need, but charging was very quick compared to my camera equipment.

      When I first turned it on in my office, I was a little concerned about its legibility, but it’s one of those reflective LCD-type displays that gets brighter with more ambient light. Outside in full sunshine it was easily visible. In dull light I might turn on the back light – which comes on automatically at night.

      Once moving the device works well. It’s very easy to follow and understand the info-graphical instructions. I went off course a few times on purpose and it re-calibrated quickly – even after several intentionally missed turns.

      The App works well and it synced with the device seamlessly. It's built on Google maps with a few Beeline-specific enhancements and the search and waypoint options worked as expected.

      There are functions to save and share rides and publish to the Strava app. After the first ride I’m pretty pleased with it and think it will enhance some of my rides - particularly going to gigs and for when my pals foolishly let me lead the weekend rides. Those U-turn numbers should decrease markedly.

      I'd consider getting the more expensive (still) metal body unit if I was putting it on a Harley or showy bike, rather than the black plastic unit. It just looks better.

      On one hand it’s quite an expensive device for what is essentially a simple monitor for a map App. On the other hand, it’s an elegant and workable solution to one of my First World problems. And I’m happy with that.

    • Nice device, seems a convenient way to add ad hoc navigation display to a cycle. I wonder how it does when navigating urban intersections such as this:

      I mean, if there is there a choice to customize the display, such as adding street names & turns, beforehand. Like 'left on 42 St'. I'd like that with very large visible font, allot more than the big arrow. It's the only field I need to watch on my Montana GPS, along with 'distance to turn' when approaching intersections.

    • I read your note about getting this so I inquired about it, to my surprise the marketing person (i'm guessing) responded to let me know they'd shared a few of my articles in their newsletter and could they send me one to review. Sure!

      It will interesting to see how we compare use, as I primarily ride off-road and it appears you are more road oriented.

      Before mine arrives I have a little test for you and the Beeline, so i can compare - can you enter a waypoint for a location, that is not a road or track, just a place in the middle of nowhere and how will it respond?

      Not at all, or will it take you to a road that is as close as possible to the waypoint?

      If you entered an offroad track/ waypoint that you knew was accessible by motorcycle, but not on google maps but other mapping sources, again would it take you there?

      I am aware that there is a direct routing feature (straight line) as the crow flies so you can decide your own route, but will it try and correct you if you head off the pavement?

      All other things off-road related I'll figure out when mine arrives

    • Dang - they told me they were "all out of marketing units" and they would advise me if one became available. So I bought it.

      I'm not sure about your questions, I'll see if I can work it out, but I'm tied to my office on deadlines for a few days.

      I have some concerns with mine however. It seems to be draing the battery quite rapidly on standy. It dropped 6% in nine hours overnight just sitting, turned off, on my desk. This doesn't equate to the claimed 'months of standy' times.

      Will be monitoring it for the next few days before I contact support.

    • I’m starting to get that too. Because the articles on ADV are getting so much attention, the vendors are reaching out. One wants to fly us to Morocco for a product launch.

    • ...and I have an invite to Barcelona, it was a fly in deal, but I will be riding there in the spring, Rudy has the details.

      ADVrider is gaining traction for sure in new areas, glad to be part of it

    • You should absolutely go to launches if you haven't done any/many. They are quite fascinating - and who doesn't enjoy a junket / working holiday - especially if it's on company time.

      But as a Freelancer, after a while I got a bit over it all however. Realistically it's 3 or 4 or more days out of your life for a very small earn. Now I'm like: "Just send me the product or lend me the bike."

      Not so much jaded and cynical - more 'show me the money' these days. But the first few are like Hollywood and Christmas and a buzz.

    • You should absolutely go to launches if you haven't done any/many. They are quite fascinating - and who doesn't enjoy a junket / working holiday - especially if it's on company time.

      But as a Freelancer, after a while I got a bit over it all however.

      You live a most interesting life, Dave.

      Just sayin’. 😏

    • As I was walking around on the scorching-hot black bitumen of the Jeep Dealership's yard, toting 2 cameras, gimbal, monitor and tripod while recording a salesman extolling the virtues of the latest Wrangler in the 95ºF / 35ºC Brisbane sunshine this morning, 'interesting' could be another word for it.

      I do have 4 articles and a poster in this month's Heavy Duty Magazine though :-)

      This is going to look primo as an A3 fold out:

    • FWIW I'm sending the Beeline back for repair or replacement. The battery drains quite quicky when it's turned off. Appears to be a faulty unit.

      Their support staff are good - but what a pain having to post it back to the UK from Aus.

      So it will be another few weeks before I can give it a proper test. Bummed.