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    • I have a license for each of these products....I think it was $25ea. Pretty robust program but they don't offer a DAM (digital asset manager) and so it was impossible to get emotionally and creatively engaged. I was a heavy Adobe Bridge user for many years and accused LR users as Instagram Yuppies...LOL But, now, because I have a gillion presets in LR and meta templates and custom watermarks, once again, I am attached at the hip to Adobe.

    • Those presets and knowing the system are what are keeping me with Lightroom. It kinda sucks that I have to wait a bit for the initial processing/preview generation but it's not enough to get me to switch since it's rare that I need to turn around something right then and there.

      And if I did a common solution is to get an additional program just to cull and then load the final selections into Lightroom. Hopefully that band aid won't be needed forever since Adobe has been slowly improving its performance.