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    • Yup there's a ton of photos especially when I'm dealing with performances that have a ton of movement. So the first part of my workflow is pick the preset, click import, and then go leave the computer for a long while.

      They have improved it somewhat over the years but the big strides are in other areas. The other main issue was the Develop module could get choked up if you edited too many photos in one sitting and would have to reboot. That's done with. Things slowed down a bit in LR 5 or 6 IIRC but being able to edit smart previews really helped that is key for larger files/slower systems like my last laptop's i7-2670qm.

      I just hope they can find a way to utilize the GPU to help with imports because right now my laptop has a GTX 1050 Ti which is no slouch and the workstation has a GTX 1080.