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    • My camera (fujifilm x-t2) died a couple of days ago and my trigger finger and left eye are starting to twitch incessantly 😂 didn’t think you could get withdrawal symptoms from lack of photography. Oh well, spending the time going through my old photos

    • oh ouch! My X-T2 had a problem last year, luckily while it still under warranty. I was definitely going through withdrawal symptoms while it was being tended to by Fuji!

      Do you think your camera is fixable?

    • Sorry about your camera. For what is worth, I picked up an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and it died on me during warranty, last year. After sending it back, the repair seems to be holding great. Price wise it seems less than your Fuji and am thinking, maybe you could use the lens you already have?!