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    • But most Tesla charging stations now are tucked away and unattended...

      This is actually the source of my biggest realistic fear about supercharging. I'm not worried about ICEing or EV-haters, but I would actually be worried about stopping at certain superchargers after dark. Some of them are very isolated or in sketchy areas where I definitely wouldn't feel safe by myself at night.

      In fact, if I saw a few big trucks ICEing the stalls at an isolated supercharger after dark, I'd probably feel a lot safer. 😄

    • it seems to me that people who are ICE-ing are just trying to get attention

      Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Big truck, body lift, gnarly tires, deep exhaust, etc. etc. The personality of those that drive big, jacked up trucks for looks might be the same personality that is predisposed to ICE-ing.

      There are a lot of diesel truck drivers out there who get a thrill out of seeing black smoke dump out their tailpipes when they accelerate. These drivers call it Rolling Coal, and some are so infatuated with the sensation that they heavily modify their trucks. They "Chip" their trucks, meaning they add/replace a chip on the ECU to change the engine performance to dump more fuel in the engine on acceleration. Some even remove particle filters that absorb diesel particulate in the exhaust fumes.

      A lot of auto enthusiasts I know are deeply attached to the internal combustion engine. It's a beautiful feat of engineering and has more than a hundred years of rich history in motorsports. I suspect the threat that someone like Tesla might render internal combustion engines obsolete might even be scary to the ICE-ers. It's obvious that the electric motor is going to replace the internal combustion engine fairly soon. The internal combustion engine is an American cultural icon. Maybe it's too philosophical, but ICE-ing or Dumping Coal could be an expression of sadness for something that will soon best lost.