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    • Turns out the vegan and vegetarian Adventists in North America are the longest-lived population in the world — that I knew — and 20% of their calories come from fake meats. What?! They developed them back in the 1800s. And now they’re riding the fake meat wave after waiting a century and a half for it to arrive.

      In disbelief, I checked Amazon and sure enough, you can get canned fake 🌭 from a recipe more than a century old.

      So I sprung for some Taco filling. I don’t think it’s very healthy, but how can I say that when its customers live longer than anyone?

    • I grew up eating Loma Linda fake meat. My mom loved the stuff, and she did live to be 97. We kids used to say that the stuff might not make you live any longer, but it would sure *seem* longer . . .

    • I knew Seventh day Adventists lived long lives, just like Ikarians. The so called blue zones. Did not know they were vegetarians. May try this but I agree it does not appear too healthy. On the other hand it's better for the environment than real meat. :)

    • There's a lot of them out there, have you ever tried mock duck? It's like seitan that has been textured, fried, and then canned with soy sauce, oil, salt, and sugar.

      While I love impossible burgers people definitely should look into all the older meat substitutes out there.

      Edit: Here's an article on the history of various mock meats throughout Chinese cooking going back over a millennia:

    • Like Mormons, Adventists developed a health code in the 1800s that advised meat to be eaten sparingly or not at all.

      What’s fascinating is NIH has funded a huge study of 73,000 Adventists from 2002-2024, the Adventist 2 study, that breaks them down into 5 categories: vegan, 3 types of vegetarian, and moderate meat eaters. It’s a fascinating study because many confounding factors have been removed: they don’t drink or smoke, they have similar spiritual and social networks, they all live in North America.

      The results are amazing. Vegan BMIs average 23. It’s 29 for moderate meat eaters and the vegetarians are in the middle. The diseases and life expectancies follow the same trend.

      So it amazed me the vegans and vegetarians ate so much mock meat.

    • So it amazed me the vegans and vegetarians ate so much mock meat.

      I wonder if raising children plays a part in this. It’s a lot easier to convince your kid not to buy a cheeseburger from the school cafeteria if they brought from home some tacos with fake meat—as opposed to a nutritious but not as exciting kale and beet salad.

      Maybe Loma Linda is the equivalent of a McDonald’s Happy Meal for the Adventists’s children.

    • Many Adventist children attend Adventist schools at which no "real" meat is ever served. Eating vegetarian 'meat' produced by church-owned or affiliated companies is just part of the culture which most children rarely question.

    • I became a vegetarian after I read John Robbins book "May all be Fed". I originally did it because of the way animals are treated but quickly realized the health benefits. Just like you stated, so many studies show a vegetarian and even more so a vegan lifestyle extends life and increases quality of life. I'm still surprised more health professionals don't acknowledge this and pass it on to their patients.

    • It’s funny, I read a few of John Robbins’ books back in the day, like Healthy at 100. Fantastic. So I got obsessed, read The China Study and a bunch of others, went whole plant food-based. It transformed me, my family saw it, and many of them and perhaps 20 other people like @Vilen joined in.

      On the one hand, it worked miracles on some of my friends who were suffering from terrible things. On the other, some people thought I lost my mind and would die of deficiencies. And some in my family felt like maybe I was judging them. So I quieted down and kept more to myself.

      But now I’m starting a YouTube channel and recording a few episodes about it as a hobby. We’ll see if I get more than 3 views. 😁

    • John Robbins is still around and now selling workshops on Facebook. :)

      I also stay quiet about my choice of food. When people find out I get a lot of comments such as "let me buy you real food, a burger" and " you must be starving". Once in a rare while I'll get snarky and tell them I don't enjoy charred flesh....

    • He and his son Ocean don’t live far from me. They host a food revolution summit and John interviews various docs. He’s incredibly knowledgeable. The only thing is the interviews are long and slow. I’m hoping my YouTube channel can be zippier, funnier, richer.

    • 😂 Hi Cabbey! I often hear Toni bemoan the fact that she doesn't have the red phone to dial 1-800-cabbey whenever a query fails.

      For anyone following along, my nickname at SmugMug was Baldy and I was famous for my green smoothies (Toni says they should be named chunkies because I leave them with texture 😁).

    • Btw, I didn't realize that John Harvey Kellogg invented so many foods to help the Seventh Day Adventists stick to their plant-based diet. He patented peanut and almond butters, formulated soy and almond milks, and even various plant-based meats.

    • John Harvey was quite a guy. Boundless energy and lots of inventions. He claimed to have never consumated his half-century or so marriage because he did not what to dissipate his "life force". Also warned that masturbation caused insanity, presumably after observing inmates in asylums. He believed that eating "flesh" foods inflamed one's "animal passions", among other things. "The Kellogs; the Battling Brothers of Battle Creek" is a fascinating history available on Audible.

    • I listened to a podcast interview with the author yesterday! Incredible. 42 foster children!? World-renowned doctor. One of the most prolific American inventors. Ran a mind-blowing health spa. Damn.

    • Kellogg plays a bit part in "The Road to Wellville", an historical novel set in Battle Creek and later made into a movie. More drama, less historical accuracy in this one.

      John Harvey's little brother Will is much less well known than the famous doctor, but founded the Kellog cereal empire. Dr. John bullied Will throughout his life but was basically broke when he died, while Will became one of the wealthiest tycoons of his time. Very interesting and complex individuals.

    • Until you posted this, I didn’t know Seventh Day Adventists had a plant-based diet. They have a pretty similar health code as the Word of Wisdom of the LDS Church. Only, they seem to take the “eat meat sparingly” creed more seriously.