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    • I have a canon s100, my go to for motorbike trips. I've been planning on upgrading it so thanks for this thread... i've a bit of research to do now

    • I know when I recommend this series to my friends, most of them discount the idea because they think "I don't need a waterproof camera...". I just look at this truly as a pure adventure camera that can handle whatever I am doing at that moment.

    • Good timing and thanks for bringing it to my attention! I just came back from an epic ride this past weekend. I was planning to take a ton of photos and maybe even some videos, in reality it turned out to be a huge hassle.

      On mountain bike rides I don't usually carry a backpack full of the supplies. So when I need to snap a photo, I take out the phone from my jersey pocket and snap it. However during this epic ride I found myself paralized with a decision to take out my phone or not. Why?

      1. On a ride like that I worry that my phone would run out of battery too soon I'll have to shove it in the backpack to recharge it. While there I'll definitely will not be taking any photos and possibly miss a shot I would really want. Alternatively, running a cord from a powerbank to the phone in the back pocket didn't sound very safe or convenient.

      2. My iPhone X is freaking expensive to replace. Even though I have an Apple Care, it is not worth the risk of fumbling with it while trying to hang on to the handlebars.

      3. It is hard to take pics with an iPhone while wearing gloves. I found it the hard way... Unlocking the phone and getting to the camera screen requires swiping. In gloves it proved to be very unreliable and frustrating. Then to take an actual photo the finger has to be precisely tapping on the virtual shutter button and not touch anything else. I tried using volume buttons to snap a photo but they are super small and hard to find.

      I ended up taking a fraction of the photos I intended to and on the second half of the ride completely gave up on trying. Instead I relied on my friends to take pics for me and share them later. It worked out OK in the end, but I wasn't happy with not being able to photograph what I wanted and when I wanted.

      So now I'm conteplating if I should just get this Olympus TG-5 or similar. Having dedicated buttons that are easy to press while wearing gloves, waterproof and dropproof body and costing a 1/3 of the price of my phone it makes for a good investment. It would have been perfect for my situation.