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    • I haven't posted anything here in a while. It's hard to keep up with many platforms.

      If you've never been on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I highly recommend it.

      Here's a time-lapse video I did from three weeks ago. One of my favorite things about the Blue Ridge Parkway is the elevation changes and when the valleys are filled with clouds after it has rained. It rained all night the night before, so I figured I'd either be completely socked in clouds and not able to see anything or I'd have some really nice layers. One of the nice things is you can drive not too far and change elevation a lot to try to get above or below the clouds.

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    • I grew up near the Parkway and have treasured it throughout my life. When conditions are favorable you can observe "cloud falls" where visible moisture flows up and over a ridge line like a water fall. I've encountered these at several locations along the Parkway and also observed them from the air. It has been distressing to see the roadway and infrastructure deteriorate in recent years as funding for National Parks has not kept pace with utilization.