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    • I currently use a 2008 Mac Pro and have been so happy with its performance and upgradability that I'm waiting to see what Apple offers when they release the new Mac Pro in 2018 or 2019. Anyone else waiting for its release because they are considering buying one?

    • heh. In a previous life I played online poker full time and the 2008 Mac Pro was my office. I loved that machine. I've since moved on to Dell.

      @cvdavis What would you be looking for to make the move to a 2018 / 2019 model?

    • If you can wait, it's probably a good idea.

      I have a 2016 MacBook 15" Touchbar as my main machine. It's lightweight and somewhat fast. Battery is decent. The cons: USB-C support is still lacking. The keys on the keyboard stick quite a bit. I had to get the keyboard replaced since some keys just stopped working. The touchbar is a gimmick. I have many issues connecting to peripherals such as my 4k monitors, mouse and keyboard.

    • I would like to have multiple drives so I don't need external drives as I would with an iMac. I'd also like to be able to upgrade the graphics card. Just those two things really.

    • Here's a very interesting article about a guy who puts a 2009 Mac Pro up against newer Mac Pros, iMac's and so on. It holds up very well after about a decade after release. The article also mentions how he was able to go around the inability to upgrade the OS to the latest one.

      The article really makes me think I made the right decision when I purches the Mac Pro and makes me think that the new Mac Pro is likely to be money well spent.

      How to upgrade your old Mac Pro firmware when Apple doesn't want you to:

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