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    • Thanks for weighing in! I never considered how useful it might be in a business setting. You're absolutely right that it would save a lot of time (and sanity) when you have to write standard responses. Responding to emails can sometimes be a mind numbing exercise in addition to breaking your flow of work.

      I just had a light-bulb moment reading your response (which I realize might have been pretty obvious to others). Google often tests out these features in it's public facing products. And for the low price of free, they don't have to take a lot of effort to market it much and push people to adopt it. Thus, they have a ridiculously wide pool of testers to help them refine a feature before they can finally introduce it into their paid products like G Suite.

      I always used to read comments on Android blogs where people used to (maybe not all of them) jokingly mention that Google Nexus device owners were the beta testers for the Android OS and Google's hardware. I never thought that it might be the same for a lot of their other products and services as well.

    • Welcome to Cake, @anna0X 🙂

      Over time, I seem to have adapted to Smart Compose in the same way you have. I dunno if polite is quite the word for me, although that's part of it. I am looking for fun & upbeat replies to email and I'm surprised at how often the suggestions are close enough that I can just hit the tab key.

      I was very worried about coming off as canned & corporate but the suggestions are surprisingly good. Does anyone know if it learns from your writing style to make its suggestions?