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    • 😘Dear cake devs, since this site is primarily a reading site🤓. Would you consider to justify the text? Right now it’s aligned left which looks kinda messy in my opinion 😕

      Most news site, reports, journals, story book etc uses justified text format. I hope you will consider this. Thank you very much 😉

    • I find it interesting that while you find aligned text messy, I find justified text to be annoying unless the spacing is very subtle.

      I just checked the web sites I read a lot - the Washington Post, Boston Globe, New York Times - and they are aligned left. Odd though, the Kindle app on my phone is aligned left but on the Kindle (device) is justified.

      I wonder how close the odds are with people who prefer aligned vs justified text.

    • Justified text in print is achieved through the work of people who are trained in typography. Tools such as kerning and tracking require human involvement. Because of digital technology it is now much easier for type designers to build contingencies into a font while it is being designed but even that technology is only focused on the more common type problems.

      It is interesting that you used the graphic which you did because this particular example illustrates problems with full justified text. Notice the spacing in the second line. That is one problem. Another problem is what is sometimes called "rivers." In the first line, notice the space between dolor and sit, then let your eye drift down to the space between mea and at, then down again to the space immediately below that in the third line then to the space after the period in the fourth line and continue down the text, this is what is called a "river" and it is a distraction which professional typographers seek to avoid as much as possible.

      Although well done full justified text is pleasing to the eye, poorly done full justified text is more distraacting than left justified text.

    • I agree - justified text does not help the reading experience. When reading our eyes actually scan ahead a little way, which helps us to imbue text with the proper emphasis and inflection as we go.

      If the text is aligned, our eyes can do this efficiently. If it is justified, less so, with the attendant effect that (sometimes) comprehension suffers.

      Aligned text for me, please!

    • Didn't know there was such a strong discussion on the pros and cons of justified text. I always prefer justified text because it looks "neater" I guess, but the spacing if done poorly does create a much messier looking document.

    • I am with you @Denise - I prefer Aligned Left to poorly done Justified any day.

      I checked and the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post all appear in Left Justified. I suspect there is a reason.

      Interestingly, my Kindle app on my iPadS is in Justified, and when I check for 'rivers' I really don't find or notice one - that might be different if I would choose a different font, maybe. I don't mind the Justified on my Kindle app because of the lack of rivers - the text spacing is not objectionable, but the page width is much wider on my Kindle than the newspaper columns on my Mac in Safari, or on my iPad in Safari.

      I do prefer Aligned Left, although if Justified is well done, I don't find it too objectionable. But often it is done very poorly as in the sample at the top of this page