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    • Just got back from a very productive trip to SoCal. The anchor was my 2pm reserved tickets to see the art exhibition titled Soul of a Nation - Art in the Age of Black Power 1963-1983. Held at the Broad Museum in downtown LA (pronounced BRO-ED), this museum is awesome and the exhibitions are great. I think it is ironic, this show actually originated in London curated by a handful of UK art officiandos and it did so well there it traveled to Brooklyn, Oklahoma (who knew there was a fine art audience in OK?) and then to The Broad. The show has done so well in Los Angeles, San Francisco picked up for next year and then on to Houston.

      This particular show was setup so that the "sentrys" observing each room and the art where also prepared to do pop-up's and standby docent narrative as any patron initiated. SUPER COOL and helpful. I engage at least three of them and they were super helpful.

      This piece below is of Angela Davis done by Faith Ringgold. I had never heard of Faith but immediately fell in love with her work. Deep, deep messaging but her color palettes where meant to pop which represented the culture well. CORRECTION - this piece was done by Wadsworth Jarrell and much of his work has a graphic design feel about it...probably why I liked it so much.

      Anyway, any Bay Area folks should keep your eyes open for when this shows head north.

    • The art exhibition was Sunday afternoon but I drove out on Friday afternoon and in my mind had some stuff I wanted to shoot. Via Facebook, I have watched Lexie Kelley and her endeavours and she is a super cool mermaid. All about helping young swimmers. She is very accomplished, sweet and very much sans a big ego. I sent here a request to see if she would model one of my The Lake Life trucker caps and she was all in. She lives on Balboa Island so I headed down to the Balboa Penisula early Saturday morning to see if there was anything popping at The Wedge.

      Once I met up with Lexie, we did a quick photoshoot.

    • She was coaching and other stuff in the morning so before we connected I headed down the coast to visit my fav used to be called El Morro but now it is owned by the State of Cali Parks and it is called Crystal Cove. This looks like a great place for me to camp during the hot Vegas summers (which, is not this year....we are having a very cool summer). Tremendous views but a great beach!

    • I still had some time to kill before I met up with Lexie, so I ventured through the traffic and fun visuals of downtown Laguna Beach before headed back north. Still with a little bit of time, I thought I would take a memory lane drive around Fashion Island and noticed an outdoor art installation amongst a small pop-up wetlands area. Fantastic! I love outdoor art installations and hope to visit the Storm King Art Center someday.

    • It was great to see and shoot Lexie and then I called some old friends from Newport and had some more time to kill. So, even though there were no waves all day, I headed over to West Newport before sunset to see if I could find some shots. I found 2 guys really getting some mileage out of the smaller 2-4 footers. Happy to report the 150-600mm was shooting like a champ.

    • Sunday I had made plans to visit an old friend who is now into attending vinyl record swapmeets I guess you could call them. That was in Stanton and I figure I could hit that on my way to LA.

      But, one more pass by the Newport Pier in the morning to see if anything was popping. I never even saw this shot in my viewfinder, but this was the surfing shot of the day for sure!

    • Weather was perfect to take the 20 mile drive up Beach Blvd. I found the Union Hall where the record show was....I am going to do a full writeup about the record show...but, it was COOL!

    • I arrived at the museum earlier than my 2pm ticket...had a nice pasta lunch nearby, went to the MOCA museum across the street (small house, quick tour) and then ventured back over to The Broad. They accommodated an early entry for me which was great knowing I could begin my 4-hour commute back to Vegas earlier than projected. SUCH A GREAT ART SHOW and I love productive weekends like this. Now, time to plan for the 4th of July photo adventures!

    • a small pop-up wetlands area

      This smaller than 10 acre plot of land is in the midst of an urban concrete jungle. June 22nd of this year the City of Newport Beach had "curated" this land parcel to the equivelent of a natural habitat wetlands allowing flora and fauna to generate a natural habitat that was not there beforehand. Then, the art pieces were put into place. In simplest day a dirt weeded undeveloped land parcel, the next a curated natural habitat for birds and flowers and outdoor art. Does that help?