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    • Weather was perfect to take the 20 mile drive up Beach Blvd. I found the Union Hall where the record show was....I am going to do a full writeup about the record show...but, it was COOL!

    • I arrived at the museum earlier than my 2pm ticket...had a nice pasta lunch nearby, went to the MOCA museum across the street (small house, quick tour) and then ventured back over to The Broad. They accommodated an early entry for me which was great knowing I could begin my 4-hour commute back to Vegas earlier than projected. SUCH A GREAT ART SHOW and I love productive weekends like this. Now, time to plan for the 4th of July photo adventures!

    • a small pop-up wetlands area

      This smaller than 10 acre plot of land is in the midst of an urban concrete jungle. June 22nd of this year the City of Newport Beach had "curated" this land parcel to the equivelent of a natural habitat wetlands allowing flora and fauna to generate a natural habitat that was not there beforehand. Then, the art pieces were put into place. In simplest day a dirt weeded undeveloped land parcel, the next a curated natural habitat for birds and flowers and outdoor art. Does that help?