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    • Part of my marketing business I sell promotional products and part of that sales cycle is where affilliates (like myself) do "self-promos" where we brand certain products with our logos so that
      when we are trying to sell to our customers it has more credibility.

      I probably spend at least $10k annually doing my own swag but it pays for itself. One item I have always wanted to do was these custom "flip-flops" or as we would say in Hawaii...SLIPPAHS....These are actually pretty expensive to do in a small run but what is cool is they basically do a reverse cutout on the bottom with some bold simple text so when you walk on the beach you leave a message or something. My swag brand is called SWAGMAN. The Superhero dude is part of my brand on everything. The bottom underside would have reverse print that then renders SWAGMAN on the slipper and WAS HERE on the other.

      Ok, you guys up to speed? So, for the top area, I can do my own design and also put custom text on the straps. For these I will do the text on the straps as "Live Aloha"...but, the design under your feet needs to be cool and fun...

      Whaddya think? If you were at the pool or beach, would you notice these? Would you wear a pair? LOL

    • Even though I despise EVERYTHING CASINO, I have been to a concert at Mandalay Bay's Beach and it would be fun if they had a big concert and wanted to do custom flip flops for everyone at the concert.

    • Hahaha, I've never heard of flip flops that imprint a message on the sand, but I'm in.