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    • In the same vein as much of the discussions around here about social media and artificial intelligence, I never listen to the radio to find new music. I trust my daily eclectic steps to have new music find me. Thanks to Kevin Harrington, his post up that killer vid with First Aid Kit was perfect.

      I remember hearing "Gnarls Barkley" the first time on SNL and I was like...whoa...I did not realize it was CeeLo Green. LOL

      So, I have an upcoming road trip and working on a fresh playlist and I have been purchasing single tracks on Amazon (because Amazon allows you to burn your playlists to disc) and look for something really fresh.

      Probably never happen, but, I would love to hang out in the back of a Tiny Desk concert...How about you?

      Tank and the Bangas have now ended up with a track on my new playlist!

    • Bear with me as a wax a bit....but, there is a popular saying out there.....

      The teacher appears when the student is ready...

      I prefer to think in my life that student appears when the teacher is ready...

      I regard music the same way.....when I am ready, music finds it way to me....

    • You would think with the rise of AI and things like Spotify's detailed playlists, this would have gotten easier, but it still feels hard to me. I often don't know where I heard about a band I love, like First Aid Kit. Was it from Kevin or did he hear it from me? Whatever, I want credit.  😁

      I must be doing it wrong! Somebody tell me how to get good at this.

      I will admit to one thing: I sometimes Google the list of songs Apple uses in their ads. Hey, their ad agency knows what's catchy and fresh.

    • Saw First aid kit in SF at the private concert by kfog. loved their music for a long time. the cover of fleet foxs on youtube etc.
      TinyDesk is a great resource for finding stuff.
      Knowing folks with eclectic taste helps, my tattoo artist is one, when you spend several hours under the needle his play list is a coping system. Found the dirty 3 from that.
      Then a few punk bands and ska.
      Listening to someone speak about voice and melody is soothing.
      Want a good photo op and some good sounds, head down to the san gergorio general store on sat/sun for live music by local bands. the ride is fun too.