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    • I don't like the central thought:

      Neither idea is a good one. American democracy has survived nearly four years of Trump; it can survive nine days more.

      If the mob had succeeded in hanging Mike Pence or killing Pelosi, would that thought still hold? Is desecrating the capitol and losing 5 lives, let alone losing an extra 200,000 lives to Covid surviving 4 years?

      He seems incapable of dispatching his duty. As the capitol was ransacked, he watched on TV and didn't respond to all the pleas to authorize the National Guard to come in.

    • Congress is not able to hold a person guilty of a crime.

      I may be wrong but if the country wants to place Trump on trial for having committed a felony, I think that he can be arrested on the afternoon immediately after Biden's inauguration and held for trial.

    • No.

      Impeachment does not constitute finding a person guilty of a crime.

      Impeachment can remove someone from office and can also disqualify him from future office but it does not constitute convicting the person of a crime.