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    • I just signed up. Have a project I’m working on and will try to organize stuff with Roam. I can tell already that I need to rewatch the videos because it’s not intuitive how to create a project on my phone. And contrary to their welcome email there is no “help database” that I can find.


      Anyone figure out the shortcut keys to use for this on an iPhone?

    • Help database is here -

      [Keyboard] shortcuts and helpful links (including the link to the help database above) are behind the question mark icon in the lower right corner.

      Since this tool is so intensely text oriented, I haven't actually tried to use it on a phone. Just opened it on my Android phone and it works fine, but I can't see the help icon, indeed.

      On a computer, there's an Intercom chat icon floating down on the right side, the creators are quite responsive so if you want to inquire about their support for mobile browsers, I'm pretty sure they will tell you everything they know and what their plans are.

    • Thanks, I was able to create a project and will start adding my research to the page. It does remind me of One Note, which I was a big user of on Desktop.

      Excited at the prospect of actually being organized!

    • You know me well then. I had a chance to take a look at the demos @Chris provided below. Very interesting indeed. I am in the process of signing up to take a deeper dive. This reminds me of what Ted Nelson and Douglas Engelbart were working on back in the 60's - 70's that had never taken hold. Especially on Nelson's Transclusions where information is cross referenced back to the source. This seems like it would be a great app to integrate into the new Solid Framework being built by Tim Berners Lee and the team at Inrupt. This notion of unifying and liberating the user experience at the same time has been an obsession of mine. I attempted to build a web app (QUI) for a medical group about 6 years ago to help empower doctors, nurses and admin with patient data that never went anywhere but remain hopeful a new crop of technologies will begin to help free information from the silos we see today. Thanks for sharing this. Very interested to see how Roam works.

    • I feel I should update this conversation with a couple of tools I have discovered since starting it.

      One is loosely related to RoamResearch via the ZettelKasten topic, it is called TheArchive and is not free, one-time purchase of $19.99 I believe, 60 days free trial is available, you can find it and read about it here - (the website itself and the blog are pretty interesting material on their own)

      Another one seems to be a Russian startup, but looks interesting as a casual diagramming tool and as far as I can see is free for now -

    • I gotta tell you so far I am digging Roam. I haven't used the advanced features yet but it is a very simple layout. And so far it is working pretty well on my phone. I had to download an excel keyboard to be able to tab but I can accomplish quite a bit on the phone. Which I live on for productivity. I'll check out these others ones but I am all in with Roam to finish this next essay!!!

    • If you have android go to the play store and download the excel keyboard. Then just make it your default keyboard. There is a warning on there to be careful of entering passwords as they may be stolen. Me wanting to explore a cool feature on Roam on my phone threw caution to the wind. I was planning on doing more research on this to see if it is a viable threat. Or is it like a pharma statement of certain death if you take their pills. lol. I would imagine Apple store would have an excel keyboard as well.

    • I love my new iPhone!!!

      (But I never would’ve thought to search for this if you hadn’t triggered it with your excel keyboard comment. Thanks!)

      Note: You need to add one space to a new line before saying tab key. Otherwise it will just type the words.