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    • I guess the SEC didn't have much sense of humor about Elon's 420 reference to the price, being a cannabis culture reference. 😬 But that's part of what we love about Elon, no?

      For awhile I got obsessed with Walt Disney and had to read all the books and see all the documentaries about him. He lived life a little like Elon back in the day—restless, possessed with doing new, creative things, not financially responsible, exhausted and brittle to the point his doc ordered him to take a 3-week vacation. He fought with his brother and business partner Roy over first going into movies and then some crazy amusement park idea.

      I wish the brutal reality of business wasn't so harsh on people like Elon because it's hard to imagine anyone else being as fascinating and innovative as him. Tim Cook seems to be doing great at Apple, but we all miss Steve terribly.