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    • Checking to see how the "Newport Beach #Photowalk" was faring in Google, and once again, Cake the top result, beating out Medium, Wordpress, the website, Twitter and Facebook. How do you account for this Baldy?

    • For many years I have thought of SEO as a tricksy dark art where you had to become expert in all the things: domain authority accrued from external links, knowing which body text to put in H2 links, whatever.

      I was as surprised as you when new little Cake started showing up high in Google search results. I even got a couple emails from SEO experts asking for our secrets. The honest answer is I didn't know, so I asked the team and they gave a very encouraging reply that has become a guiding principle for me: focus on making the customer's experience great when they follow a link from Google to Cake. Google will figure out whether customers have a good experience by whether they bounce quickly, etc.

      I think what that means is don't greet your customers with a popup asking for their email before they get a chance to read the article, keep the site design beautiful and easy to read, delete obvious spam posts quickly, and the most obvious: have good conversations that people want to read.

      That's the thing about your Newport Beach Photowalk conversation: the title is specific and made it clear exactly what it is, so no customer lands on it and bounces because they thought it was about something else. You didn't make a low-effort two-sentence post. It's anchored by a great photo. And it got a great conversation going with other posts that had interesting things to add.

      If there are other members of Cake's team who are more knowledgeable than me (that would be all of them) who have corrections or other insights, feel free to jump in.

      I also notice your images did well: