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    • What an amazing story to wake up to. It stirs so many emotions. The quality of those headstones and the care and love that goes into maintaining the cemetery is amazing.

      A friend and I went to see They Shall Not Grow Old, Peter Jackson's recent documentary of WW I where he stunningly restored original footage to color and added actual interviews with soldiers who were there. It was life changing to see. We had to go back and see it a second time in the theaters.

      Even this trailer is incredible. It makes me wonder what AJ Mahon's story was.

    • What a warm heart warming story Awais. To be able to see the resting place of a loved one they would have otherwise never been able to see. Well done!

      My sister is very involved in family geneology and she corraled me to photograph a number of family graves, mostly from the early to mid 19th century for her thread on I have never made them available them publicly, but I do understand how images of the physical stones are able to trigger emotions deep within us as we contemplate our own family past, and our own impending mortality.

      I shot this image - not of a family member's grave - over a decade ago, and I am still struck by how many childrens graves one used to see in cemetaries. Something that is much less common these days I hope.