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    • If Batman really designed his own car, he'd own at least one of these. Sorry Robin, it's a single seater. Perhaps you could borrow Batgirl's motorcycle?

      If only it were real which is a good thing because I most definitely couldn't afford it.

    • Imagine taking this to get groceries and someone’s cart accidentally dings it. The paint job alone is probably forty grand, being comprised of pixie dust and a thousand whale tears.

      And where do you put your groceries?

      I mean, I wonder how fast you can get this to on a straightaway. 😏

    • It would go warp factor ludicrous in reverse. In drive it would likely go, umm... As they used to say here in New England, wicked pissa' fast! 😁

    • If you are worried about paying for repair of dings on this car, join the club I'm in: The NFW I can afford it club. As far as getting groceries, nope. Jeeves will be picking them up for you in the Bentley after he makes sure the yacht and jet have been fully fueled.. He'll be taking the yacht to pick up the whale tears and the jet to collect the Pixie dust at over 50,000 feet where the Pixie dust is the cleanest. 😊