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    • Please introduce or reintroduce yourself to the Cake community.

      Regulars: Feel free to copy and paste your introduction from previous conversations.

    • I joined Cake in October 2018. (My previous username was @apm.)

      I mainly start conversations on current events topics (news, technology, investing), however, I also have niche interests in recreational maths and cooking.

      I’d like to see more conversations started by experts and passionate amateurs with an interest they want to share. I love to learn and Cake has been a great place to explore new ideas with like-minded peeps.

    • I joined Cake over two years ago, basically right when it started and have grown to love the community we have on here! I’ve had thoughtful, fun conversations that I don’t have anywhere else! Welcome to Cake and don’t be afraid to let it be known what topics you find interesting! I’m a hoops junkie, but I start conversations on basically anything that Cake readers like to talk about!

    • I joined Cake just a few days ago. I was intrigued by a social network where people don’t measure their self worth based on the blue tick or how many followers/likes they get. So I wanted to check it out, see if it really worked.

      I’ve been amazed by the lack of toxicity in conversations already!

      While I have varying interests from sports to motorcycles to history to philosophy.... what I am really hoping to get is meaningful conversations around current events.

      I’ve become very distrustful of all media houses whether they are right leaning or left. They all twist/filter/misquote the truth.

      A community like this might be the best place to have civilized discussions with people of opposing beliefs, not because anyone is trying to convert the other, but more to observe their vantage point, see how that changes my own beliefs and knowledge.

      It might be the best way to consume the news.

    • Thank you, Gulia and welcome. 🎂 What you describe is our dream, exactly. Now all we need is enough people like you.

    • Hello everyone. I found out about Cake in a recent article in USA Today I believe.

      I live in Savannah but originally small a small island off the coast of Greece. I was to visit Greece this summer and see my mom. However no visitors from USA are currently allowed. Kinda bummed but of course I understand.

      I love to read and explore different topics so Cake is wonderful to me. Also I'm trying to find my next career. Perhaps I'll get some inspiration here. What shall I be when I grow up?

    • I'm a retiree, aspiring writer, and cruise fan. My husband and I are unpaid caretakers of a home owned by a dog and 2 cats. Their combined weight is less than 30 pounds but it's clear they are in charge. We have lived in Tennessee for the past 15 years and love it here. My ideal home would be on Maui. Nothing big but a view of the ocean is the primary requirement. I'm currently working on building a fairy garden under the oak tree in the front yard to entertain the children who live on our street. They don't care whether or not I have artistic ability. I have a variety of interests and enjoy learning something new so I'm frequently jumping to the next "shiny thing."