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    • Recently I wrote here about how I fell in love with the gritty, funky Los Angeles port town of San Pedro.

      @rtwpaul @denise @margot @vilen joined the chat, and Paul agreed with me that there is way more to this Los Angeles port town than initially meets the eye.

      San Pedro is the end of Los Angeles, in a sense, where the 110 Harbor Freeway morphs onto Gaffey Street, and takes you to the largest port on the west coast, responsible for some 20% of all U.S. imports, a funky downtown. longshoreman hangouts like Walker's and Utro's, two lighthouses and some pretty amazing coastline.

      If you have a sec, I'd love for you to check out the latest #Photowalk video, episode #48, from San Pedro.

      For more images, check out the gallery:

    • Hey Jefferson!  Here’s my thoughts, FWIW.

      I thought the production quality of your video was quite high.  Well lit for both indoor and outdoor scenes. Audio was spot on.  Smooth transitions between locations.

      I wasn’t thrilled with the font choice for the photo highlights (1:00-1:07).  Reminded me of Comic Sans, a bit distracting. Suggest something similar to Montserrat.

      3:30 Great shot of Vincent bridge sunrise.

      You pack a ton of content in these—can’t imagine the amount of time to create this.  How long is the typical editing process?

      4:55 I did not know that a “World Famous Shrimp Tray” was a thing.  Good to know!

      5:45-6:05 Love the mural as well as the typography in the Art Deco style US Post Office.

      Catalina Island.  Went to the island via helicopter ($$$).  I returned to the mainland late afternoon via catamaran and violently hurled the whole way back because of huge waves that lifted the boat into the air causing both the boat and my stomach to crash down each time.  Definitely recommend helicopter 🚁 there and back.

      9:50-10:00 Very cool inside look at a cruise ship’s control room: so many monitors!

      11:30-12:00 Loved your photo reel of the highlights of the walk.

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • Stephen, thanks so much for taking the time to THOROUGHLY watch the video. I really appreciate it!

      To answer:

      I shot this over 5 days, but the bulk was done on the first day. I have a habit of going back again and again for pick up shots that I notice during editing.

      For instance, I finished the video last night, after one last shoot. I did the stand-up by the Port, picked up one more bridge shot and a driving shot on Gaffey. Call me crazy, but this is what I do.

      Editing wise, probably at least 20 hours, if not more.

      The more time I spent on editing, the better it got, really. I made some important story decisions in the last revision that really helped--or so I would like to believe.

      On the font--sorry. I'll do better next time. I'm just always looking for BIG words that can illustrate some of the thoughts to help break up the narration.

      Thanks again for watching and offering your feedback!

    • I wish I'd have known you were there, i would have asked you to go into Century Motorcycles to take a few shots they have a small but great collection of antique motorcycles that I know @Chris and I would love to see thru your lens.

      and almost next door is the Bike Palace which used to have an amazing collection of lowrider bicycles, but now looks a little more like a regualr bike shop, but huge

      Maybe next time...

    • I always find time to watch your videos. For me it's the best way to get to know fabulous places that maybe I'll never visit in this life.
      But the most important thing is that in your videos # photowalk you can convey emotions, this is not for everyone 👍

    • of course, mine is a compliment. You can be good at taking pictures and videos, but it takes passion to convey emotions. You put a lot of effort and passion and this is what I perceive. Thanks 📸

    • Thanks Margot! I have several in the works: the city of Orange and its cool, "Old Towne" district, the Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles, and more exotically, Kobe and Osaka, Japan!