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    • I spent my afternoon pulling sod up from underneath my roses. Preparing to add a hedge border and put about 2 inches of mulch to make things look nice.

      I’m fairly new to this but I think the previous owner just planted the roses in the sod so it has been a constant battle to keep things managable. Hoping that this will help.

      Anyone else have experience gardening roses? We seem to have some bushes that do really well, and some are kind of sad come bloom time. I have mostly just ignored them other than occasional pruning and letting the drip system run.

      What do you do? How do you get a good bloom and keep them healthy?

      Pictured is my work pre mulch and border.

    • Oh forgot to mention, the ones that tend to be problematic are the ones closer to the camera. They tend to get a bit more sun and the ground stays a bit drier.