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    • I got grilled last night by Frederick Van Johnson of This Week in Photography via livestream. It's the first time we've answered questions publicly about vision, business model, and our mysterious panel conversation future feature. I had an awesome time because I love working on Cake and TWiP is awesome.

      The only problem is it would have been great to have other members of the team there because they've shaped so much of the vision and built the product. But time. They're busy building.

      For people who are interested, here's the link.

    • It was an absolute pleasure and honor having you on. I think you pretty much nailed it with regard to demystifying Cake. What a relaxed and informative conversation.

    • Really, really great "conversation". I am not a podcast "fan" and, I was not really sure what Cake was all about. BUT, ADVRIDER completely changed my life in the ability to learn, listen and share tremendous life experiences.

      What about "Pete's SCHWETTY BALLS?" It seemed in your discussion that Cake brings some of the intellectual fortitude that NPR has done with their various shows, (hopefully you get the SNL reference) but in a more nimble, universal format.

      The idea of being able to follow a panel discussion by engaging presenters is great. BUT, what I really liked about your explanation was how meaningful conversations are very important. Currently, the noise I have to crawl through to have that one positive experience can be exhausting and exasperating.

      Wishing CAKE great success and I hope in my own way I can bring value to this new community as well.

    • Good interview and insight! The direction and vision is always great to see, the transparency is great and something that was always great on ADV. With the limited audience and users in the beta stage I am curious how the cake will deal with some more contentious behaviors, much like the nudity topic. So may different views on what is acceptable and what crosses the line.
      Again transparency/rules of engagement will certainly make it easier. Looking forward to the journey...