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    • At first glance, it does seem impossible--all the numbers are odd and the sum of three odd numbers cannot be even, like 30. At least, I think that's true--I was terrible at number theory. But it's certainly true of these eight numbers. OK, let's say these are not base 10 numbers. Since there's a 9 it must be greater than that, and we already know it's not base 10. Ah, voilà, in base 11, 3+13+15 = 30. (translated to base 10, 3+14+16=33).

    • My previous solution was a bit geeky. Takes after me, Here's the easier solution that @StephenL was probably looking for: If you rotate the 9 ball 180 degrees it becomes a 6. 6 + 11 + 13 = 30.