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    • Foam tips on my JayBird X3s provide consistently good seal. Wind or sweat, they seal great. However, they attract and hold dirt and ear wax that are difficult to clean. After some use and sweat exposure they start to tear apart. When that happens, the sound seal is gone and I need a new set of foam tips.

    • Silicon tips on my Apple Powerbeats Pro are pretty comfortable and provide a good a seal, but under certain conditions: no wind or rapid head movement (like biking or running fast). Sometimes wind rushes in and destroys the sound. Sweat is another issue making it difficult to get a good seal without having to wipe it off. However, silicon tips are easy to maintain and clean. They don’t rip apart, or attract as much dirt / ear wax as foam tips.

    • The most important aspect of the tips is how good they seal. After all, the proper seal is what matters for deeper bass and broader soundstage. For years I was sure that foam tips are better, but now I’m wondering...

      What tips do you have on this headphone matter? 

    • I use exhaustively in ear audio head sets for my motorcycle long distance rides. Even today, 250 miles in one session wasn't that bad at all on the interstate with the right Spotify luck of the draw of songs... but I digress.. The best sealing is with foam plugs like you show, and thus best sound as well. The only problem, is they are consumables, and indeed need to have a little reserve (usually just another pair of plugs which gets used in an "emergency") The Etymotics audio headset also comes with silicone plugs which surprisingly are not too bad! But, they're the type that differs from your examples.

    • I've never had foam tips. Never even knew they existed. Every pair of earphones I've owned have always come with silicone tips, so the existence of foam tips is news to me.

      Never felt I had any trouble with silicone tips to be honest, so I don't feel the need to find or try any foam tips 🤔

    • Never felt I had any trouble with silicone tips to be honest, so I don't feel the need to find or try any foam tips 🤔

      Most people don't have issues with the silicone tips...until...

      I bought my wife and I an entry-level set of IEM's to wear while riding, from MEE Audio. My wife had an inexpensive set of old-style in-ear 'earphones' (the $20 variety) and complained about how bad they sound and how uncomfortable they were. At first, she was blaming the cheap-o silicone tips that come with the cheap-o earphones.

      I put on the triple-flange silicone tips, put them into my ear canals and loved 'em. My wife was apprehensive at first, until we were rolling down the road, listening to some tunes, and was able to also have a conversation without the constant "Huh? Say again?" issue.

      The foam tips are probably the ultimate in isolation...unless you put down the $$$ for the custom fit silicone tips.

      Which I'm considering... 🎧