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    • Do you anticipate allowing a show more for a post that we are responding to? I've found myself on a few occasions now opening up a second window to go back and re-read the original comment since it's cut off when replying.

      This might have been covered previously but since we're still sans search and the responses are starting to increase in volume and length figured i'd ask. Perhaps this was an explicit decision not to include it?

      While i'm at it... is there a reason when starting a new thread the "next" button is at the top right on desktop vs. somewhere else like at the bottom of the new post?

    • Like you, I've often rely on seeing the original post that I want to reply to while typing my response. In fact, we've designed the entire "Postbar" with that in mind. On larger screens (vertically) we automatically expand the bar to just half the screen "split-screen" so that you can see the entire conversation by scrolling up and down while typing in your response. If your screen viewport isn't tall enough then you automatically get the "fullscreen" and will have to find the "minimize" arrow icon at the top right corner of the "Post" button.

      The issue here is that on most of the laptop screens and some desktops the threshold we picked for automatically triggering "split-screen" vs "full-screen" is probably too large so you pretty much always get the "full-screen" experience. In that scenario your entire page is dedicated to writing a response and you only see a snippet of the reply that you are responding to. We should make sure that more screens by default get the "split screen" experience. This is something that I think we should try first and if that still doesn't solve the problem then try to add "show more" to reply snippet.

    • We've just released an update with a new way to expand and collapse the area where you are crafting your post. This way you can re-read a point from a post, select a section to cut and paste all while keeping everything you've typed in so far.

      This new feature really shines on smaller screens like phones and tablets with limited space. Would love to hear your feedback on how it works and how you like it 😁

      Here is what it looks like on a phone: