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    • It seems we have reached the moment now when Trump is self-destructing. In weeks past, it has seemed that each week there was a new target of his disdain, and so there has been a different potential VP who would embody (and successfully disprove) the president’s hateful we have gone back and forth about who would be able to respond best: Female African-American? Woman of color? Woman who has lifted herself up out of poverty? Woman who understands and rejects police brutality? Woman who has served in the military? Etc.

      At this point, I’m not sure Biden has to play that kind of politics anymore. Trump is on such a downward slide, and seems to make it ever worse as he lashes out in his bitterness and selfishness.

      I think at this point, Biden should choose the woman he sees as most accomplished at

      *building bridges

      *using her own intelligence to engage others who are intelligent

      *being appreciative of others

      *having the goal to unite America

      *being smart enough to recognize the power-hungry and to stay clear of them

      *being strong enough to leave the awfulness of the past behind and to forge ahead with a clear vision

      At this point, I don’t really care what color she is. But please may it be someone young enough to capture the hearts of the current new voters!

    • I completely agree. One reason I didn’t mention that she’s Asian is in my idealism, I hope that doesn’t matter.

      I also didn’t mention her age at 52, and having two young children. I would think that matters but young voters went for Bernie.

    • I did not realize she has Thai ancestry. Interesting.

      I wonder why no one is talking about Deb Haaland of NM or Sharice Davids of KS—both Native American. Maybe too new on the scene?

    • The funny thing is, if you are part black, part Asian, we think of you as black. Tiger Woods. If you are part white, part black, we think of you as black. Barack Obama. But if you are part Asian and part white, we tend to think of you as white. Not sure why.

    • That may be true for you, but I don’t think that is true for everyone.

      My daughters transferred from Utah to the Bay Area for their last year(s) in high school. They went to a great school in Walnut Creek. There was a lot of racism at that school, which they saw for the first time (their Utah schools were essentially 99.9% white). The Asian students at that school dealt with racism a lot—it just wasn’t from police officers. 🥴

    • Especially in light of Russian bounties being put on American troops. She'd be perfect. I think you might be on to something, @Chris. Susan Rice is another option, I think. Former National Security adviser to Obama. A woman who has legit cred on matters of national security and/or the military is definitely a really good route for Biden to go.

    • I am not a fan of the Vice President, however, he was quite impressive in hist first Q&A session with reporters since March: Biden took 15 questions over 30 minutes in his first press conference in 89 days.

      A few of his noteworthy remarks:

      Biden says that his list of potential running mates includes women of color, Latino women and Asian women, and he is expecting to make his announcement in early August.

      • Calling 2020 "the most unusual campaign in modern history," Joe Biden says he'd rather campaign in person, but will not be holding rallies: "I'm going to follow the doc's orders. Not just for me, but for the country."

      • Joe Biden explains why he hasn’t gotten tested for coronavirus yet. He says he expects to get tested "relatively soon."

      Joe Biden on masks: “We absolutely need a clear message from the very top of the federal government that everyone needs to wear a mask in public. Period.”

      Joe Biden on monuments: "The idea of comparing whether or not George Washington owned slaves or Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and somebody who was in rebellion, committing treason, trying to take down a union to keep slavery -- I think there's a distinction there."

      • Joe Biden used Trump's denials about intelligence on reported Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan to question the president's mental ability during a campaign appearance. "He doesn't seem to be cognitively aware of what's going on."

      • Biden responds to speculation that he's facing a cognitive decline: "I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I am running against"

      Source for all quotes

    • I wonder if The Lincoln Project (a bunch of disgruntled Republicans that seem to have hired a professional troll to run their social media account) will have a greater impact on Trump’s defeat than even Biden’s campaign...

    • I don’t know too much about her political viewpoints and accomplishments. However, there’s a hope that her military experience would rein in Biden’s penchant for interventionism and supporting (almost?) every war during the past thirty years.

      As a VP chairing the Senate, her presence would put calls for new wars into perspective. She also has House and Senate experience, as opposed to Stacey Abrams, Michelle Obama or anyone else whose name has been mentioned for the VP slot. (I am intentionally excluding Elizabeth Warren since she’s hated by large swaths of the Right and the Left.)