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    • Is it true? I've always had it in my mind that things stayed pretty positive for most people on Instagram.

      From Buzzfeed's story:

      This is the crux of the problem: Adding Stories has led to people posting fewer pics to the feed, so the feed is boring. And then people either post Stories way too much or not at all because they’re intimidated by the concept of having to post a full, charming narrative. Our photo feeds are now ghost towns, and Stories is like sticking your face into a firehose in which a distant acquaintance talks to the camera through an unbearable number of videos.

    • I personally love Instagram.

      I use it twofold. First of all it’s great for the arts. I follow mostly artists I like for inspiration and to stay on the pulse of what’s going on in the art world. I’ve even bought art pieces for my personal collection based off of posts and follows.

      Secondly, I use it to showcase my own artwork. I’ve gotten quite a bit of interest for my pixel art project on Instagram. It’s been a great platform to showcase my work and share these side projects.

      For these purposes it’s been wonderfully useful. But I get that this is probably not how everyone uses it, and I’m sure not everyone’s experience has been as smooth as mine.

    • Yeah, it's kindof amazing that they got such an incredible rise in revenue this year at Facebook without an accompanying rise in growth of users. More ads, I guess?

      I love my YouTube Red subscription so I never have to see ads. I even get a subscription at Reddit in exchange for no ads.

    • I have been on Instagram for a few years and still use it on a weekly basis. From the very early days I've decided that it would be a place for me to remember beautiful places I visited. No selfies, no coffee shots or daily happenings. Only photos that I would want to revisit years later and still like them.

      I only post photo I've taken with an iPhone even though I have much better shots of the same places taken with a DSLR. They also have to be square cropped. This creates a challenge that is as gratifying as it is frustrating. However, I've come to love it as my collection keeps on growing.

      Instagram is just a tool, but you can do amazing things with it when you know exactly what you want out of it.

    • I would have thought SnapChat would be a better app for pictures, than Instagram. But then lately, I've been using neither. Anyone who uses both have opinions about SnapChat in comparison to Instagram?

    • I tried SnapChat a long (long) time ago, I could never get used to it. Also, looking at my friends & family, nobody seems to use it so I don't see a reason to.

      I like both Instagram (for the 'better' images, inspiration) and stories for the social aspect of things. I see them as two different things in one package. I don't post a lot, mainly of my travels, things that I see, as sort of a minimalistic journal/external memory.

    • I follow motorcycle racing, so I really enjoy insta for that.

      A racer's personal insta can be good, but they're pretty careful not to show any close pics of their bikes, contracts and all.

      The trick is to follow their wives and girlfriends. They take selfies and such, and a pinch zoom has me going "look at that!" piece of motoporn. You get so many different looks than a broadcast or magazine shot. Insight into their training, diets, etc. As a long time fan and ex amateur racer, I find it excellent for that.

      For my personal postings? Not really.

    • Ha! That's really funny. I never thought of that. It's strange how platforms like Instagram get used in ways their creators probably never imagined.

      Speaking of girlfriends of motorcycle racers, I got a cup of coffee with Lyndon Poskitt's girlfriend Kamilla in SF last month. He was racing in Argentina for the Dakar and she showed up on the second to last day, walked up behind him, put her hands over his eyes, and asked "guess who?"

    • I find the stories clunky and not as fun as the image posts themselves.
      I have my own experiment going without following anyone and seeing what folks are interested in following just for the pics not because it is a like for like exchange.
      plug 1...

      I am pretty good at pushing past the ads, sometimes the comments are hilarious based on the algorithm they used the not interested can post some fun replies.

    • I love the duality of it, I can show two facets of my work -the polished portfolio, since nobody looks at websites anymore and just look at social... and the authentic human behind it.

      There are people who's instagram feed I don't care about who's stories I enjoy following and vice versa.

    • I heard Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, being interviewed by Kara Swisher about why they came up with stories. Was it because of Zuck's hyper-competitiveness and wanting to squash everything in their path?

      He said no, it was because people were starting to feel that to post on Instagram, you needed to achieve a certain quality and it was rising and getting ever more intimidating to post. Stories could be the place for authentic, informal postings.

      I know they're very popular but I just can't get interested in them. I posted some on Snap for awhile to get the feel of them, but I get too bored sitting there watching stories.

    • Instagram is still a relatively positive place for me. I left FB awhile ago because I didn't feel I was getting any value from it but I don't feel that with Instagram. I have curated a list of people and tags that I follow and I always find myself showing things on my feed to my husband so that he can be visually inspired or get a good laugh at something I came across. I do find that I have to periodically unfollow people if their stories become an endless series of them talking about who knows what forever. For the most part though, I find everything entertaining and accessable to discover new things and people.

    • I joined up to Instagram last year and posted a little bit but for me found it was just too narcissistic, way more LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! than I could handle and the direct and actual engagement with others beyond just giving or receiving likes just wasn't happening.

      As a way of getting your brand in front of others it seems very successful but for me not so much as a platform for any real two way interaction.

    • That's exactly why I can't seem to get myself hooked on Instagram, as much as I LOVE photos. I want to read some commentary, at least, maybe have a real conversation.