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    • We've all been there... you're working, walking along, riding, etc... and something just grabs your attention. Perhaps in the periphery, or maybe it was just so breathtaking and/or out of phase with the surroundings that it struck you as odd enough to completely stop what you were doing to absorb and capture the moment.

      It's those moments, those brief interludes that I'm interested in... those that have the power to make us physically pause in this ever-connected, always busy world and just take in the scene.

      What made you pause this week?

      For me, it was a singular flower stem that popped up in my backyard for no apparent reason. There are no other flowers in the surrounding area, nor any in my neighbor's yards that resemble this one; yet it persevered and somehow brought a touch of color and flair to an area that's rather benign at any other time. I don't have a clue what type it is, but am pleased it decided to grow where it did.

    • Lillies? Yes, there is always something worth stopping for and admiring. This time of year I love the occasional dragon-fly that adorn my patio. Will try and take a photo.

    • I read about the loss of Monarch butterflys, and I can state that our garden does not see the numbers of monarchs we saw 5-10 years ago - so my wife has begun planting milk weed in the garden this season, and I just found 4 monarch caterpillars.

      Insects don't rear their young like mammals, but I saw this scene yesterday which makes one wonder just the same

    • Heh. So many! I was walking with three young kids and some homeowner had a Little Rock garden with painted rocks and curiosities, little fairies, etc. we stopped and talked about it for a minute or two and there were smiles all around.

      It was just an unexpected simple pleasure.

    • Those look like Naked Ladies (Amaryllis Belladonna) which bloom before growing any leaves. We have a lot of them in our neighborhood, and they pop up around August. Lovely shot!

    • Took a tour at a brandy distillery in Louisville, KY this past Monday. They had a wild pollinator garden in the front so I checked out the buzz... grabbed this photo showing the proboscis strength on a carpenter bee. Unlike the honeybee, these are strong enough to pierce the base of a flower to get to the nectar source.