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    • I tried to add a post today on my Android (Google Pixel) and found I couldn't add a hyperlink. I'd love to have text edit functionality without transitioning to my computer.

    • Ouch, kzeta, I'm sorry you ran into this. It's true, we have rich editing features disabled on Android for now. We have a bug report filed with the Android team and have been talking with someone at Google about what to do. We've been in this limbo on Android for quite a few months and hope for a breakthrough. 😢

    • Not at the moment, but allowing Markdown in the plain text editor is a great idea. I'll add this to our todo list. 👍

      We've been hoping we could solve the rich text editing issues on Android sooner rather than later because we want using Cake to be a great experience on Android, but it's a pretty complicated set of technical problems that essentially require implementing a completely new approach to how the editor works, so there's a lot to do. Really sorry about that.