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    • Don't you think the innovations that have led to what the internet is today go way beyond the transistor? It's a beautiful medley of infrastructure, organizations, hardware, and software that makes it so compelling.

      I hear what you're saying about the transistor. It made it all possible. But even before the inception of the transistor, the telegraph and telephone paved the way for a connected world.

    • You said it yourself: the internet is a beautiful medley of technologies and human organizations. You can say the same thing about the smartphone. It too is a beautiful medley of materials science, MEMS sensors, microchips, service providers and regulatory bodies. Is the smartphone a revolution? Sure, its just not in the same league as the steam engine and printing press.

      When Brattain, Shockley, Bardeen and others discovered that some pure metals, when seeded with impurities and stacked in a certain way could direct the flow of electrons given another current... that is a revolution (and a Nobel Prize).