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    • Great photos! Really nice to see them all in one place. As someone who primarily uses a smartphone to view the internet, I think I might prefer to see each batch of photos as a slide show so that I can focus on each image one at a time. The large font size was visually attractive, may cause friction for some reading on a smaller screen. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed this and appreciate your creativity in trying new approaches and sharing them here. Look forward to your next one.

    • Thanks APM as always. I'm going to try this layout in a traditional blog as well and see how that looks. I don't know about the slideshow feature and how to get it into blog--but will investigate!

    • That's beautiful, Jefferson. It does my heart so much good to see SmugMug's Journal style used so beautifully.

      My motorcycle forum has a crazy popular dedicated place for photo essays of amazing rides through places like Africa. It was a major influence on me for starting Cake. One critical ingredient of its success is the ride reports are discoverable because everyone is there looking for ride reports. It's much harder for most people, unless you're famous like Jefferson Graham, to drive people to your own blog.

      And yet if you try to do a ride report like that on places known for discoverability — like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter — you find that they're really set up for single posts, not photo essays.

      The other thing about photo essays I love is getting great interaction between readers and writers. You get that on Adventure Rider in spades but now that it's so popular, sometimes you get more than many authors and readers want because it can add noise.

      I have a million butterflies in my stomach because of a feature we're rolling out shortly on Cake where readers of panel conversations, like the one you're on that apm organized about photo editors, can submit questions for the panel to consider. For example, I want to ask that panel "Isn't lens choice a form of editing reality? If you choose a 85mm f/1.2, a photograph unaltered by editing will have a very out-of-focus background to draw attention to the subject of your portrait. That may not be true to what your eye sees."

      If the panel likes my question, maybe one of them answers it and both the question and answer end up as part of the photo essay — not relegated to the bottom among public comments.

      So the dream is to get the essays where they can be discovered, to make them beautiful (I think Cake needs a full-bleed option for photos in conversations when we can get to it), allow several authors to collaborate together on the photo essay (panels), and to make the Q&A part so much better than it is anywhere else on the Internet. 👈 I think those last two are problems the Internet hasn't solved yet, we're trying, and hence MY BUTTERFLIES!!

    • Yes, I do think SmugMug looks better than that. I've long been an admirer of Medium's editor and layout. I can't imagine how much work it took to get to where they are. Here's a post Ben Von Wong did of a shoot we did together at SmugMug, and I thought he was able to make it classically beautiful and readable:

      SmugMug even moved its blog to Medium for those capabilities and also the discoverability Medium provided, at least they used to, dunno about now. For some reason though they didn't catch on much among photographers, so you don't see the rich layout like that very often there. 'Tis a shame, imo.

    • The smaller text on Medium means less scrolling per ten seconds, a plus. Very clean layout with Medium.

      I think your alternating between single pics and collections flows really well.

      I then paged through the article, focusing only the pics. The collection of the stonework on 1129 and the collection of the Courthouse popped the most for me. I read the accompanying descriptions and found them quite helpful if I was in Santa Barbara wanting to recreate your steps.


    • Huh. The UI on Medium is minimalist which means it may not be very discoverable, but my experience is it's very powerful. For example, if I click on a photo in one of my stories, this comes up. It gives me the option of wrapping text around the image (left option), aligning the width of the image to the text (second from left), making the image a little wider than the text (third from left), or full bleed (the one I have selected, far right).