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    • The smaller text on Medium means less scrolling per ten seconds, a plus. Very clean layout with Medium.

      I think your alternating between single pics and collections flows really well.

      I then paged through the article, focusing only the pics. The collection of the stonework on 1129 and the collection of the Courthouse popped the most for me. I read the accompanying descriptions and found them quite helpful if I was in Santa Barbara wanting to recreate your steps.


    • Huh. The UI on Medium is minimalist which means it may not be very discoverable, but my experience is it's very powerful. For example, if I click on a photo in one of my stories, this comes up. It gives me the option of wrapping text around the image (left option), aligning the width of the image to the text (second from left), making the image a little wider than the text (third from left), or full bleed (the one I have selected, far right).

    • I wrote a story where I set one of the images to have text wrap around it and it came out looking like this: