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    • I have gone from shooting with the Nikon and Canon ecosystems to switching to Sony about 3+ years ago. I do alot of things but adventure travel is #1 on my list at any given time or place. Adventure can be somewhat ambiguous, but, for me, it must require some effort of getting off the beaten path.

      Last year was my 1st trip to Cancun and my primary interest was the underwater museums. Except for a fairly capable Olympus TG-4, I had not shot any underwater photography let alone become scuba certified. Lastly, my goal for the trip was to be able to get out with some whale sharks...

      Anyway, what I really wanted to share is how despite reading photography forums constantly and knowing I "need" this new piece of glass, or a drone, or .......I am really content with the Sony a6xxx ecosystem. I have a 6000 and a 6300 so I can plugin a RODE mic and shoot some decent slo-mo if needed. If I am traveling light, I put the Sony 18-200mm on the a6000 and a Rokinon 8mm on the a6300. Most people might think the 8mm is too extreme but when shot correctly it is crisp and well made.

      This shot below was taken with the very inexpensive Sigma 19mm.....and, I used the Meikon housing. If anyone has shot large sea creatures, you know it is very difficult to line up your shot. The creatures seem to be lumbering about, but, actually try and keep up with them! LOL

      This gal in the shot was on my boat that we took from Isla Mujeres and she had the latest and greatest Nikon and some gillion $ housing and it looks so cumbersome. I hope she got some great shots but again the beauty for me with the smaller mirrorless is the ability to be nimble in dynamic envirornments.

      I had a great time in Cancun and stayed downtown in a condo...all the recent crime I wonder if the window of comfort has closed down or maybe I know how to travel better?

      Kind of a rambling post but my intent maybe was to share the passion of doing more with less these days in regards to photography. Happy Shooting!

    • I personally love this shot...I am not really a selfie guy but our guide shot this with my Olympus TG-4 as I had my other underwater housing in my right hand. Once I get more comfortable with my scuba skills, I would like to come back and shoot more of these underwater museums.

    • I am sure this is a ridiculous photo to post....but, as I was waiting for my scuba lesson, I walked around the 'hood nearby the dive shop on Isla Mujeres. The hood was probably considered middle class but this dog looked like that old guy parked at the end bar stool that you just knew he had a 1000 legit stories he could tell. This pooch looked like if he was pissed, could really tear you apart but he just followed me around (not begging for food or anything) for a bit. I have had days where I sort of felt like he looks in this shot. LOL

    • You know, after spending years wrestling with underwater housings I swear that Olympus TG is a jewel. I've gotten so many great shots with it. It's rugged, convenient, doesn't leak, takes great shots. I just mount a red filter in tropical or blue water and good to go.

    • I must try a TG.
      I've always carried a small point and shoot in a budget housing and concentrated on close up small stuff my passion is nudibranch's and eel's occassonall you will have something big swim past and you can't captue it properly.
      Not often you have a dolphin and whaleshark swim by, I wish I'd had my old video in a housing that day.😥