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    • bryanesler

      One of the biggest struggles I have in using Instagram is deciding what hashtags to use. I usually use some that are consistent with each post, specific to my camera make (Olympus), location and type of photography.

      But recently, I discovered a tool to make this a little easier — Focalmark. The app is available for free (with paid upgrades) for both iOS and Android devices.

      With Focalmark, you can copy up to 30 hashtags directly to Instagram or your phone’s clipboard. Focalmark works by asking you three questions. First, it asks you to pick up to two styles of your photograph. For this one, I chose “coffee” and “bokeh.”

      Read more:

    • Jain
      Jain Lemos

      Very helpful, Bryan! I've added a link to your article on Photo Ten Five!

    • DaleCruse

      I use this app for my Instagram at: It's helped get my posts favorited more, but hasn't really helped attract new followers. Very little "repeat business", if you will. Nevertheless, I'll probably keep using it.

    • jostalli
      Jon Stallings

      Thanks Bryan for the info on Focalmark - I will be sure and check it out. I get tired of trying to type in all my hashtags.

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