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    • I'm beginning to think the President, or President Elect, or whoever's really in charge, should order the National Guard to begin vaccinating the public as per the CDC guidelines poste haste - Military organisations seem to be the only ones which operate in a real time timely manner anymore - with about 3,000 deaths per day, one might think that vaccinating the public, especially the folks at highest risks, medical and first responders, nurses, nursing home residents, and maybe folks over 65 or 75 ( pick a number ) are a highest priority. Once those folks are all vaccinated, open up the floodgates to everyone in every store front CVS, hospital, Dr's offices,

      If there are not enough physicians and nurses, there are about 114,000 DVM veterinarians in the USA who could help vaccinate folks in a true health emergency as well.

      Use every dose of vaccine now, and add their second injection later when more is available, too!

      If one reads how fast the US government moved in WW II, like the building of Oak RIdge Tennessee, or Hanford, Washington, one is left thinking the US is a drunken sailor wandering around lost, in no hurry to go anywhere. So much for American Exceptionalism!!

    • We came to Salem Oregon to help with our daughter's family after her knee surgery and it's caused me to get out more because driving kids to orthodontics appointments, piano lessons, Ace Hardware to replace faulty circuit breakers, yada. I'm surprised here how casual most people seem to be and how life just goes on. We always see people in the stores without masks, workers in the stores with their masks pulled down, endless numbers of people coming to the house to drop off Christmas cookies and stepping inside for a chat, sometimes maskless, etc.

      Let's get this vaccine program revved up.