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    • The thing is Six Flags near us has AMAZING roller coasters!! How can you take kids there and not want to get action video and photos?

      Trouble is, you have to put away all GoPros and phones as soon as you get on the rides. Ugh. I totally understand and support why but damn.

      So I got stealthy and bought yet another (my 3rd) pair of video glasses. Why are they not a thing? My previous two sucked, but after reading a lot of reviews I sprung for a pair of OhOs (Amazon, $128).

      I have never had a ride operator question them. Cool. The footage is okay, but far from GoPro quality. Hence my stealthy GoPro-in-a-glove trick (next post).

    • Here's sample footage from the OhO glasses. It's 1080p 30 frames per second. No slo mo unless you want to go lower res on the video. No image stabilization. Okay sound.

      I don't know why the glasses form factor doesn't get more attention & better cameras. If they were better, I'd love to use them skiing, skateboarding, motorcycling, mountain biking, etc.

      But since they kinda suck, I did a GoPro 8 in the palm of my hand trick using precision cutting techniques for my old gloves with dog hair on them. The footage is spectacular by comparison:

      The trouble is, I felt like a jerk when they would say put away your GoPros and phones, so for the rest of the day I just used the glasses. Please someone, make great video glasses.