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    • I think GM and it's defunk GEM did the heavy lifting so Tesla could exist and each electric car manufacturer since makes it easier for those that follow. Living in San Carlos CA. while being surrounded by the team that built the prototype for the Model S in what is now Devils Canyon brewery was enlightening. I remember at lunch one day I over heard the former designer from Mazda/Ford discussing what Teslas would sound like and I never thought about the lack of sound from an electric. The list of eletric manufactures keeps on growing but the emphasis on the huge Chinese market is smart by SF .I still think Tesla has the head start but the one issue is local news obsession with Tesla failing.The idea that a Tesla catching fire is news when petroleum vehicle's blow up all the time is forgotten. I trust in Tesla as an aspirational brand but it can't go to far down market unless Tesla builds a sub brand like BMW did with Mini. Minus a world wide recession Tesla should be golden.

    • The idea that a Tesla catching fire is news when petroleum vehicle's blow up all the time is forgotten.

      I think this is indicative of the public's polarized sentiment towards Tesla, and right now a lot of it is related to stock price. To Wall Street, Tesla is this massively overvalued company, but there are so many dreamers out there that are buying and holding the stock. There's so much controversy over the company, not because it is creating beautiful, safe cars but because of this competition of betting and shorting the stock. Issues of crashing cars and production are signals everyone is looking for, and the news is using that to their advantage.

    • Tesla is, IMHO, a massively overvalued company. I wouldn't own their stock at this point in time. That said, I hope the company eventually thrives. How could I not -- I don't want my Model S to be orphaned!

      I believe there is room for additional electric car companies. SF Motors can be a success without effecting Tesla. Everything is not a zero sum game.

    • Yeah...

      General Motors trades at a fraction of the valuation that Tesla Inc. (TSLA - Get Report) does, although GM generated more than $9.4 billion in profit last year. Tesla has no profit, GM has loads of it. Tesla burns through cash, GM returns it to shareholders and still yields 3.4% despite the near-30% rally so far this year.

      Given recent news, do you think that perhaps Tesla is not overvalued to certain parties, like Saudi Arabia, even at $420 a share?

    • Haven't a clue. When it comes to investing I tend to be a value guy... I prefer to see positive earnings with a low multiple. Low debt, too. Perhaps if I had the billions that Saudi Arabia has to play with I'd think different.