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    • I would visit it for the day but personally I am not a fan of luxury hotels. I am just a regular Joe and when I go to super fancy restaurants or hotels, I feel phony. But, I enjoy viewing them online or even visiting. I went to one of the all-inclusive resorts at the Hotel Zone in Cancun for a buffet lunch after a water was cool but I enjoyed my little but comfy time share condo in downtown Cancun.

    • It's funny, I'm that way too. I marvel at the big resorts but it's adventurous Airbnbs for me. You meet the locals, learn more and have so much more to talk about, no?

    • Yea, when I traveled through Italy I loved staying in hostels so I could co-mingle with other travelers with the same appetite for adventure. Similar to your Costa Rica experience, and, even though it was not cheap, staying at an eco-resort was my brand of luxury.

    • Yes! I tend to stay in B&Bs, guest houses, and hostels. My favorite night in Iceland was spent in a small hostel that was populated mainly by folks from Europe. Since I am language-challenged I was happy that most people were speaking in English. I was amazed when someone walked into the room, asked a question in another language, and everyone just switched!

      It was very interesting to talk with people from so many different places, and I managed to attract a travel (wandering!) partner for the next day.