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    • The gym is the place where I tend to catch all kinds of nasty bugs. No matter how much the staff is trying to keep it clean and sanitized, there is always something going around. Usually, I shrug it off and deal with it as the gym I go to is one of the cleanest and well maintained around. But the Coronavirus is making me rethink this.

      I don't plan on canceling my membership, and pay the dues whether or not I go. I'm OK with paying for a month or two, but after a while this strategy won't make financial sense.

      What should I do about the Coronavirus: skip the gym, or keep on going?

      P.S. I mostly go to the gym to swim in the outdoor lap pool and shower after. So maybe I'll be OK?

      Here is one of the best pics I've taken at my gym and I'm not even in it. 😂

    • It sounds like you’re at a low risk of being coughed on, so if you’re picking stuff up it’s probably from surfaces. Swimming and showering sound clean (as long as you don’t pick up a toenail fungus. 😱 But it sounds like it’s unlikely given how well your gym is maintained.)

      I’m having to learn how not to touch my face, since I do it all the time unconsciously, and even regular cleaning doesn’t mean you won’t pick something up from a doorknob! I’d say just practice good hygiene and keep your distance. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 💪🏻 🏊🏻‍♂️

    • I think @amacbean16 is right. Just make sure you're washing your hands and keeping a safe distance from people. Ironically, with how nervous some people are, you might get the whole club to yourself.

    • Have you ever gotten the flu from using that gym? If the answer is yes, I don’t know if their cleaning regimen is going to be sufficient.

      Right now, there’s so much that is not known about the right protocols to stay safe. @Shay has documented how Ireland dropped the ball early on and is having to deal with an outbreak that could infect half the population there.

      If you look at the velocity of the virus after it’s been first discovered in a country, things could get seriously worse here in the next few weeks. And then they’ll start to get serious in announcing what we should’ve been doing right now.

      I see a gym as multi-surface breeding ground where even if they cleaned an hour ago, if someone with coronavirus coughed moisture on a locker room surface you just touched, and then you absentmindedly touch your face while getting dressed ...

      I would do research on the social distance protocols being followed in other countries where the virus has greater penetration at this point than in the US. Are their gyms a ghost town?

    • I tend to side with @StephenL

      I hesitated to answer earlier, because I didn't want to seem too negative - but given the evolving situation, wouldn't go near a gymnasium, cleaning policies notwithstanding. I have had this same argument with my own spouse who is in a high risk group.

      I would spend the time out of doors in the sunshine running, or on a bicycle by myself, or riding with a good friend; but even keep my situational awareness there as well - no contact, stay six feet away or more if at all possible.

      This social distancing might save your life, or more importantly, will diminish the risks to your close associates, friends and family.

    • In the spirit of an abundance of caution, I'm skipping the gym and staying home. Advice from @StephenL and @Pathfinder is making me even more paranoid about the whole situation. 

      I haven't gone to the gym since initially posting this question. The temptation to go was still there all along. However, I have to remind myself that the psychological fallacy of loss aversion is making me irrational.

      Maybe @amacbean16 is right, and I've overreacting. But I have thought about putting on my swim pants at home and rush straight through locker rooms into the pool. Then out of the swimming pool still wet and head straight to the parking lot. Wipe down before getting in the car, and drive home to shower safely and thoroughly...

    • The rec center where my wife has been working out just announced that they're closed for at least the rest of the month. Schools and Libraries around here are closing, museums are shutting down, the zoo has closed off all indoor areas, and REI has canceled all their events. There are probably more closures I haven't heard about yet.

      I think you're better off staying away.

    • Two hours ago I got an email from the CEO of my gym franchise. Here are the notable paragraphs:

      At this time, none of our Associates have tested positive for COVID-19. However, with social distancing in mind, in an effort to protect our Members, Associates, and their families, we have decided to temporarily suspend services at all facilities beginning this evening, March 15, 2020 at 6:00 pm.

      Given that this situation is complex and evolving, it is our intention to re-engage services at the clubs as soon as we can—potentially opening certain outdoor recreation areas, like golf, tennis, and swimming, before full facilities are reopened. Please expect indoor facilities and services to be unavailable until at least March 22. We will keep close tabs on this evolving situation so that we can be prepared to reopen some and/or all of the indoor facilities in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines.

      Two days ago I put my membership on hold until September. There is always an option to come back earlier, but at least I have less things to worry about now.

      Hope everyone is staying safe and socially distancing themselves for the greater good!

    • I was having the same arguments with myself but the decision has now been taken out of my hands. Both the Y and the pilates studio where I take classes have just announced they are closed through the end of the month - and I won't be surprised if those closures are extended.

      I will spend my time outside walking and hiking.