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    • Okay, before autumn arrives in Hunza valley i should post photos from my long pending spring tour up in north. Still some photos are pending editing, i hope to complete these soon.

      As spring arrives earlier than holiday season, this is considered "Off Season" in northern Areas of Pakistan. A good news for photographers as hotels are cheap, roads are mostly empty and not much human traffic. Khunjrab Pass, that connects Pakistan and China is buried under snow heavy but beautiful traffic is also non existent. I will probably post separate thread about colorful traffic of Pakistan.

    • Old huts and Mount Rakaposhi along ancient silk road. These old structures now house livestock, some families still chose to live in these structures. Rakaposhi is 27th highest peak at 7778m. Local boys were keen to show some cool spots in locality and offered tea and they were surprised to see us earlier than fruit season.

    • Photography is also about that small prayer that comes out of your heart, when you want stuff to align naturally (without going to photoshop :D)

    • Young boy was accompanying his family, a mother and sister. As soon he saw me standing with camera, he signaled me and went off track for a photo.

    • The glacier photo i posted above rests under that snow covered Golden peak at far distance. the photo was taken from Duiker village out 1000cc vehicle couldn't reach up in time not much time exploring but i enjoyed shooting under beautiful moonlight (will post soon)

      People say, water coming from Golden peak (or locally known as Spantik) carries gold. Once a Hindu Mahraja used to have his court under the shadow of peak.

    • Angry old man came yelling at boys, i asked him to pause for a photo and then carry on. I don't know what he was so upset about, but my portrait session with him diffused the situation. He didn't allow more than 2 photos.

    • The most difficult thing for her was to hold that huge grin for the photo. I can see motion blur in her sunburnt cheeks at full res. I met her in Sost village, almost last village before Chinese border and at high altitude.

    • Thanks for your photos. I'm truly inspired, and glad I can live vicariously through your trip report.

      Northern Pakistan is my dream destination. I'm obsessed with big mountains and the culture around them. What better place to go than the Karakoram. I'd love to see the Trango Towers and Concordia, the confluence of joining rivers from the glaciers off of K2 and other amazing tall peaks.

    • The place was deserted i waited too long for someone to pass through the passage but no success i then just grabbed my ND10 for day time long exposure

    • Light slide, while our ride broke and it could no longer take all the load, so i had to walk along the road enjoying the last light of the day.