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    • Last year NPS proposed that Zion would be the first park requiring advance purchase reservations to even enter the park because of the crowds...they also want to bump the entry fee to $50+

    • Zion is drop-dead gorgeous in October—cold nights, and crisp days. Little traffic midweek (I was even able to get a lodge cabin at the last minute).

      February is likely to be too miserable. Snow Canyon (a beautiful state park northwest of St. George) might be really nice then though. I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to check it out next winter when the weather gets awful in Salt Lake City.

      They expect another Super Bloom in SoCal this year, but not in Death Valley. It will peak in one of the state parks.

      I’m starting to shift my attention away from the popular national parks and toward state parks—less crowded, but still some wonderful locations.

    • I can't speak about Zion directly but I had a similar experience at Acadia. May and early June have been very reasonable times to visit but Memorial Day weekend is awful. I would guess holidays are good times to stay away.