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    • Pacsafe is a name that I'm surprised a lot of travelers are not too familiar with. As a motorcycle rider who primarily uses soft luggage, I often get asked the question about safety and security of my things.

      Simple response - Pacsafe

      In a recent video I did for MOTOTREK, a comment came in from a guy who (allegedly) traveled the world and made the comment ALL third world countries are full of thieves! Way to generalize dude.

      So, no this is not true, but sadly he is not the only one who thinks like this, mostly by those who have never left their home country.

      What can you do about theft. That depends on who you are trying to stop stealing your stuff? A thief, a person obsessed in making it their daily mission to steal will not be stopped by much. there are ways to get around most types of security measures, YouTube can attest to that with 'how to' video on breaking locks, cutting cables etc.

      So not that thief, the opportunist thief is the one you really need to worry about, you mistakenly left your stuff in the open, they walked by grabbed something and walked off. This guy...keeping honest people honest is the key to stopping most theft

      Basics like out of sight out of mind, bike covers are a really good example of that. Leaving your stuff in better areas vs obviously shady ones.

      If that can't happen, then a deterrent maybe the key

      I've used Pacsafe mesh bags over the years, they are simple straight forward mesh that forms a bag, then has a way to tighten and lock, thus reducing the access to your stuff. They are relatively lightweight for the security they offer lightweight and come in a various array of sizes. The mesh is small enough to stop hands fitting through, if your bag was cut, stopping most things being pulled through the gaps.

      When you travel, if you use hostels and dorm rooms, sadly there is an increase in travelers stealing from other travelers because trust is given not earned, the Pacsafe is an easy way to secure your stuff when you are sleeping and a common practice is to attach is to your bed somehow if secure lockers aren't an option

      Available in most luggage stores, and various online sellers and of course Amazon!

      in use

    • Saw this when it first came out and wondered if it was effective. We may stay a night at a hostel when in Colorado this summer and that looks like a worthwhile addition to our pack list. Thanks for the tip!

      Btw, do you have any dos and don’ts when staying at a hostel? I’ve never been in one and don’t know what to expect.

    • IF its not to full ask what it would cost to rent the remaining beds in a dorm, so it becomes your room. Usually a cheaper than you think, especially if the remaining place is not full.

      Ask them where the speakers/ music is...get a room away from it, or a fire pit...if you're a light sleeper you can forget sleep near these two things.

      I've found two people in a hostel dorm room sometimes can be the equivalent price to a private room in a Airbnb...just a thought

      I have made a point of avoiding hostels since 2012, unless they offer private rooms, mainly because I am a really light sleeper

    • Same here, light sleeper, and I am sensitive to white light. I must sleep with my eyes open as white light will have me wide awake in a nano second.

      I have used products similar to PacSafe as well when traveling. These products are effective at keeping honest people honest.

      Avoid products with the TSA lock. Keys for TSA locks are dime a dozen, available everywhere. And very easy to pick/ seconds.

    • Thanks for posting this. A few years ago I started carrying a cover to "hide" my motorcycle & gear when I'm away from it. I haven't had an issue in all the years I have been traveling but things seem to get worse each year and I want to slow down the ability to grab and run.

      I have been thinking about getting something more and the pacsafe looks like will fit what I need. One of my bikes does have hard bags but they are not secure even when locked. The rest I use soft luggage on.